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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 151  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2018 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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the red cross is sending two teams of surgeons as well as medical supplies to gaza to treat people shot by israeli soldiers one hundred fifteen palestinians have been killed and thirteen thousand wounded since the protests began at the end of march the red cross says gaza's health system is on the verge of collapse there would be nationwide protests in argentina calling for the decriminalisation of abortion the demand for those months of televised hearings on whether or not to allow women to terminate pregnancies within the first fourteen weeks a congressional committee has used it on the proposed change to the knoll which both houses of parliament would also have to approve. as the headlines on al-jazeera and inside story is coming up next thank you for watching.
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it was an election that was high on symbolism if it was voting for the first time after the defeat of myself but now beyond what should have been a bad election is under scrutiny with hopes of a peaceful transition to power in iraq be dashed again this is the inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's been more than three weeks since iraqis went to the polls but the result was split and no single political bloc has been able to form a government the u.n. is urging a quick solution to be found so the country moves forward to was much needed
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reforms but now it seems that process could be further delayed as charles trotter reports from back that. members of the iraqi parliament called an open special session on monday following more allegations of fraud during parliamentary elections earlier this month the call for votes in the predominantly sunni provinces of diyala salon who didn't deliver and all ballots cast by iraqis living abroad to be manually recounted if the results differ by more than twenty five percent from those announced by the electoral commission that it could force a recount of nearly eleven million ballots the demand was supported by many sunni politicians and others who opposed the election results which saw a successful outcome the three main shia led blocs in iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel in architecture we had a hierarchy and there are frauds manipulations and many problems that took place and that is seen apparent in the decisions made by parliament today and i
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personally support these decisions in which they serve in the interest of the political and democratic process in iraq therefore we must implement these decisions prime minister hydrilla body wound in his weekly news conference of potential political instability if demands for recounts continued. shape i must warn of something that we can't get into a political limbo we're checking all violations and complaints i must say that the political process is important we can't get into a political vacuum parliament only has thirty days left to finish its legal term and the new parliament must take effect after that without a new parliament in place there will be a constitutional gap on wednesday parliament special session continued twenty eight parliamentarians put together a draft law for a complete recount of votes across all of iraq and for it to be supervised by the iraqi judiciary and the u.n. mission in the country. iraq's independent election commission council votes at one sawzall and twenty one of the country's fifty three thousand ballot boxes they were
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mainly in the predominantly sunni provinces of dana nineveh and sixty seven outside the country for many iraqis including those who voted a broad allegations of voting fraud comes as no surprise i'm sorry to say that you have no. hope. it's the same. result also. change. yes because if we keep electing these people people are not going to have a change in the future in order for any country wide recount law to be passed it would have to be ratified by fifty percent plus one of iraq's three hundred twenty nine member parliament before then being signed off by the supreme court but no matter the kind of legal difficulties that these twenty eight m.p.'s are pushing for this country wide recount face the issue highlights just how difficult it is to
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form a government in iraq after years of violence and political instability. inside story baghdad. if the recount does go ahead it would impact about ten percent of votes cast overall but that could prove decisive in an election that produced no clear winner here's where things stand now. that our southers set your own bloc won the most parliamentary seats fifty four sutter though is not putting himself forward as prime minister. fattah party came a close second with forty seven seas he's known to have close ties with iran and had a coalition of groups i guess i still the incumbent prime minister hate that all about his victory alliance trailed in third place with forty two seats the elections in iraq were marked by a record low turnout but were free from serious violence. let's
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now go over fast of our guests joining us in baghdad. the director of the house of iraqi expertise foundation and senior foreign policy adviser to the speaker of the iraqi parliament in erbil judith nearing afirm journalist and founder of the independent media center in kurdistan in washington d.c. christine vanden turned director of the institute of regional and international studies warm welcome to you all are we talking about a glitch here or there's something more serious to it. world it looks like that everyone is looking for his own inclosed the parliament or let's say this parliament is actually supporting the recounting the manual recounting. the very costly and want to say that the committee the electoral committee actually
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made a major frauds in so many provinces in iraq and i hack the next to a committee actually they are responsible for that that's why i don't know for. sure that it's supposed to be the judges who take the control of the committee first and then the manual recounting will happen then thirdly there will be new results about the end result of the elections that happen in may in the earlier now this is a side the other side does actually i hack now is that they are saying no we didn't do anything but results of the real and we're also convinced that the digital counting is the same with the manual counting it will be the same result so this is a basic it looks like it's that we have to separate the two separate part partners all as a true separate parts and this issue ok. so the plan now is to recount about ten
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percent of the votes cast overall however if there's a difference of about twenty five percent they might call for a recount across the board is this something that could change the political map in iraq. you would think so i mean if you look at the effect of. the ballot boxes are should say the polling stations that health have already been pulled out and no longer valid they did to saying here is that twenty one candidates who have been elected in mostly sunni provinces are no longer. sure of their seats so it might have a big effect and the effect i think is even bigger if you look at the fact that what does this say about democracy in this country what does it say about the
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fairness of a bunch of books another problem that i would like to address here is my head itself the election committee they are the the board of it exists completely all full of titian's and the parliament has decided who is on that board so how independent are you and in that kind of system. christine for the time being do you think this is something that would just address the issue of the recount or that could grow to call for new elections in iraq yes i mean the opposition parties in the kurdistan region are calling for a recount but also for new elections if the violations and the evidence of irregularities is so huge and so
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widespread that it would even invalidate or a manual recount because one of their points is that. because of the multiple types of fraud committed allegedly that even a recount would be tainted. because of the old biometric card store forged national i.d. that again even a manual recount would not expose the true results. however i will say there is also a knowledge and understanding that you know a new election. could also be had he stabilizing though i think writing stand results that are question so widely is of course equally destabilizing let's take a closer look at the areas and demography where results are at stake. in the report
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twenty eight members of iraq's parliament drafting a bill that would allow a manual vote recount across the country the bill also calls for votes from iraq is living in other countries internationally internally to space to be an old and recounted manually the electoral commission has already cancelled results of one thousand and twenty one of the fifty three thousand ballot boxes used in the elections including sixty seven a broad moment the sunnis have been saying that they have been discriminated against and the results of the elections were didn't run in the own favor d.-la do you think that the united the blog. could be one of the blocks to benefit from any calls for new elections or a recount. well i think. there was already making some sort of a coalition wide coalition which i count about twenty seven m.p.'s twenty seven new
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m.p.'s. it's what i need. to mean with others inside the sunni area that making about twenty seven new m.p.'s and also they are negotiating with someone new j.v. . to also join this which means that we are talking about more than thirty five. piece a coalition of that why that means they will have the chair inside the seventy or less a seventy two m.p.'s seventy two sunni piece now i think we must separate between the violence that it is connected to the recount and the violence that it will be connected to making the government two separate things on this way the first the first thing is that we are thinking about the recount and how the recount will change the seats that means there will be some seats outside the sunni
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about it going to the maybe this is to the to the not so no one knows exactly why we're asking these questions because as you know this is a close election at the moment you get a very tiny difference that could lead to a political realignment in the country judith we've seen kurdish parties writing to boycott the political process in iraq of their demands about cancelling the results of the elections in kurdistan are not met very likely to move forward now build more momentum to worst asking for new elections. well the interesting thing here in kurdistan is if you look at what the election committee has decided to a no they are not so much the voting stations in the money where most of the outcry is but it is mostly in the whole quero k d p the largest party won enormously and in arabic go here where also k d p won and so on the on the whole
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all of court is done seems to be somehow tainted with fraud. if all this is going to be recounted we have another question are the ballot ballot boxes really safe and will the counting of those ballot boxes be the same as what people actually did on the machines there is a lot of. things we do not know there's a lot of ways of fraud and if you listen to the politicians here. some of them are like gold on the change movement they are really angry and they are even considering making their own militia as they are saying as long as parties like a.d.p. and the ok the second party are have their own militias then these irregular irregularities will continue so we need to have so military power as well and of course that's very dangerous violence here is always so near to the to the surface and that makes
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it even in worse christine we're talking about a country that has been beset by six divide the fight against calls from the international community for the iraqi government to reach the disgruntled and particular to the sunni community to attain to election is this something that could drag iraq two words war instability. yes just picking up on cue point i think that is why it's so important to address these grievances. because of the widespread allegations of fraud i mean there's as my friends kind of say in kurdistan there is not one person here that that doesn't think there was fraud. i've heard consistently over the past couple weeks my vote won't change anything the only way to change this place is through force and this is from my friends who are academics political scientists professors my students and i think that this is
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a consistent problem in the middle east when people always ask why is the middle east so violent but my friends from the states ask me this and i think about elections when people's voices aren't heard consistently in middle east history and this is a perfect example today they turn to other means this manifests their voice how can it be heard it manifests in different ways that are potentially i think more destabilizing for iraq and for kurdistan and so that is why i think that these grievances these complaints really need to be addressed where as some might say in the short term you know it might push back government formation which is a gray area that could be destabilizing if we look at the medium and long term if the opposition and the voice of the kurdish people is not to be heard through the ballot box and i am concerned about how they will make it heard another way ok. of the results when. we play is likely to save the future of the country both
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of those so the. very with the recount thing being triggered do you think. as far as the books stand. well. first of all until now the recount didn't happen that means we're going to wait until the vote for the law for the new law that it will be submitted by the parliament maybe next wednesday of say so at that time if it will happen i don't think it will change the seats between the three players but i think it will support the claims of the fourth player who is mr maliki the state of law is now making some sort of. under the table coalition with the with her chemo and so on in a way to try to separate. your own. story and muscle in a way or another to be a weakened winds inside the cabinet and maybe of them maybe are there at the end of
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june there will be another coalition that it will happen that the knesset will join maliki and and and hakim in a way or another to separate or let's say to isolate to isolate iran and make iran an opposition inside the parliament not making the government which can be happen just our use of there that this could also new political realignment in the country we've seen just over the last few days talk about both of the southern being the king that if. he becomes prime minister a souther is that is the one who's going to have a bigger say now we're talking about once you've faced or you vote taken into account that could bring everything back to square one. yes especially if you look at the fact that both the two bigger parties in courtice down katy p.n.p. ok have already gone to baghdad to talk to the different winners to see if they can
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be part of a coalition. the opposition parties have been. and not all of them i must say but mostly have been waiting. because they don't agree on the outcome the moment that they can talk as well i don't see any unity happening so this will probably be a change of blocks which one is going to be the biggest which one is going to be the most interesting and which of the kurdish parties do still feel that they can work together that's going to be the big question here but let me just put to you there's another important issue and that's kirkuk in care coke. the be ok so the second party has won now sure the courts are the biggest group in care parts there were a lot of. in areas that there are no coots living and that usually does
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not happen so deter kman and the arabs they are angry and they have already been protesting and this is an issue where a recount is probably the only way to get people to agree to an outcome. for care coke itself which is very fallen tile this is important and i see a point kristie we're talking about the ongoing political divide at a time when the international committee of the america in particular the americas in particular because now they have this new reviewing the policy with it they have been saying that the eager to see a stable government in iraq but if you look at these developments this doesn't seem to be the case any time soon. yeah i would say you know of course government formation the sooner the better is ideal and you know especially for the international community to have this return to your stability in a new government but i would i would say we should think about the past fifteen
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years and i think for example one thing that's been very destabilizing for iraq has been the nature of the erbil baghdad relationship haven't had good partners in baghdad or deal very zero maximalist politics. now we have the exact same situation now because of the results we have the same parties. going down to baghdad negotiating with a variety of actors but flirting a bit with the nouri maliki and how the armories and i think that instead of pushing too much and hoping that we have this government formation as soon as possible. we should think about the medium and long term. do we want the same actors forming a same maximalist zero-sum do we want to return to the post two thousand and three michael of zero sum politics in iraq or should we wait and take some time and say
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are these really the best partners for iraq not just next week or next month but this coming year and for years. i mean fifty is off to the. full of saddam hussein do you think that the metrics of the incidental community has been trying to work on iraq. would do people still have faith in the political establishment if they have to wake up every now and then about talks over the vase of. corruption or to the election. well. frankly speaking people actually understand that the political process is hopeless that that's why the court was well it's more than fifty six percent forty five forty four percent is only part split in the elections will show you and by the way it's sunni shia and kurds it's not only sunni it's not only shia kurds everyone from every ethnic partners inside this
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country the most important thing is that we must listen to the to the people who boy called the political process because old boy called the elections because it sends a message is that you are wrong you are always sending us or let's say your way you will always pushing corrupted persons. persons who are not individuals who are not qualified to control to lead this country we need someone who is eligible to lead this country by the way let's also not forget is that the kurds are united against the law but if they are not accepting hyderabadi as prime minister there is also a challenge. for the force. to push the large body to the prime minister and this is going to be my question now to death i mean in a country where in the north for example you have this push for this independent sentiment in the sunni community there is this feeling that they have been battered
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and dispossessed and then you have the shia shia who are in power how do you see the future of iraq. well it doesn't look very good because indeed as you're saying it's the danger of the of the country falling apart has been here for a while and what we saw after the battle against isis was that it pulled together again because they all work together to get isis out now these kind of political movements. the way it all is about money and about who is going to get the place so that he can get his his cousin and his brother a job and this is really it's a disaster for this country and indeed it's very true if you don't listen to all those people who didn't go to vote. then what's going to happen after that
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so i'm not optimistic about what's happening here to be quite honest real challenges india is facing the iraqi political elite and the country it's grappling to find a way out to its political crisis christine vanden. judith your excuse very much indeed for your contribution to the program we appreciate it and thank you to forcing you can see the program again and in time by visiting our website. for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside saudi can also join the conversation on what our one hundred is. a inside story from the house about one of the holes in here but for now.
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. hello again i'm dennis in doha and these are the top stories here it out jazeera a corruption scandal in spain has cost the job of prime minister mariano rajoy his six and a half years in power came to an end when he lost a no confidence vote in palm of his replacement is paid to the sanchez leader of the station with the opposition force the vote after members of the hoist conservative party were jailed for corruption the fucker has more from madrid. a seismic political momentum here in spain the first time that a sitting prime minister has been i'm seated in a place of no confidence here in congress one hundred eighty m.p.'s from across the political.


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